Beta Testing

Exciting things happening this week: I started sending out my first three chapters for beta testing! My goal is to send my proposal out by the end of the week–just in time, because I have to switch my gears to focus on setting up my classroom/curriculum for the coming school year!

After attending Karen Kingsbury’s writing conference earlier this summer, I am so excited to be in the middle of this journey. And while I know real publication from a real publisher is a long shot, I feel confident that I’m supposed to pursue this. And better, I feel confident that even if I don’t get picked up by a traditional publisher, I will be just fine pursuing independent publishing. This story is supposed to be finished—that was made very clear to me at this conference—so I’m just going to be obedient and see it through to whatever end we come to.

But I’m not going to lie… it’s been a lot of learning and researching and trying to figure out all the ins-and-outs of proposal writing this summer. I will be so happy to send this thing out and forget about it for awhile.

This week I also released (preliminary) back cover copy for Like Coming Home:


Back Cover Copy

Ashley Clark has spent the last five years hiding from a wounded past, the boy she once loved, and the town she calls home. Now a first year teacher at a school for the Deaf in Colorado, Ashley is finally at a place where she can leave her past behind and take hold of the new life she has chosen for herself. But when a friend’s sudden death calls her home, she is forced to remember everything she worked so hard to forget… and face the man she never expected to see again.

Jake Rawlins once dreamt of playing professional baseball… but he’s learned the hard way that the dreams of youth don’t always withstand the test of time. With his cousin’s upcoming wedding–and seemingly perfect life–a constant reminder of what Jake doesn’t have, he can’t help but wonder how his choices long ago have affected his life today. Then she returns, the girl who had his heart when he was twelve… and stole it with her sudden disappearance five years before.


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